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Materials Checklist

Below is an example basic list of materials required for using idea rating sheets in a meeting of about 30 participants.

  • 2 or more copies of the question(s) to be addressed printed very large
  • 60 blank idea rating sheets 
  • 30 pens (same colour) 
  • Scrap paper (for participants to draft notes)
  • Different coloured sticky note pads (optional - to annotate and help organize results)
  • Folders (for collecting the completed sheets)

In the meeting room, plan to have round tables with about five to eight chairs each for small group discussions, plus about four to six long tables for placing the idea rating sheets on during doting.  If space is tight, you can reuse the discussion tables for dotting too, but this can be a bit awkward if some folks want to continue small group discussion, while others are ready for dotting.  See the Facilitator's Handbook for more process instructions and tips.

You will likely also need materials for meeting logistics beyond idea rating, such as information materials for all participants (e.g. handout fact sheets, booklets), directional signs, name tags, microphone and speakers, projector and screen, snacks, etc.  See The Ultimate Meeting Logistics Checklist

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