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Other Kinds of Rating Sheets - Alternative Text Examples

Below is a collection of alteratve text you may want to use in the question and five point scale sections of a rating sheet. To apply any of these, download the original idea rating sheet doc file and replace the question text and rating scale text.

Agreement with a Statement (original idea rating sheet)

Do you agree?                      
Strong Agreement Agreement Neutral Disagreement Strong Disagreement


Importanace of a Question

Is this an important question?                      
Very Important Important Neutral Not Important Really Not Important


How Good an Answer Is (to a question)

Is this a good answer?                      
Very Good Answer OK Answer Neutral Not a Good Answer Bad Answer



Do you like this?                      
Love it Like it It's OK Not Really Hate It


Risk Assement

How risky would this action be?                      
Very Risky Risky Neutral Pretty Safe Very Safe


Priority / Importance

How important is this?                      
Very Imporant Important Neutral Unimportant Very Unimportant



How much of challenge is this?                      
Big Challenge Medium Challenge Small Challenge Easy Very Easy


High Quality

What is the quality of this item?                    
Very High Quality High Quality Average Quality Low Quality Very Low Quality



Is this an interesting idea?                    
Very Interesting Interesting OK A Little Boring Very Boring



Would you recommend this?                    
Big Recommendation Medium Recommendation Small Recommendation No Recommendation Warn Against 


Suggest other rating scale texts you have used in the comment form below.


Dave Jackson 's picture

Priority / importance
Value / return on investment

jasondiceman's picture

Thanks Dave. I added six more that follow your suggestions. Cheers!

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