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Dot Voting vs. Idea Rating Sheets

Although idea rating sheets have some features in common with dot voting (also known as “multi-voting”,  “sticker dot voting”,  or “dot-mocracy”)  there are very important differences that make rating sheets a better choice for reliably helping large groups to find agreement among many proposals.  Below is a slide show that explains why. Also see the dot voting vs. idea rating sheets feature comparison chart.


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Well put. The dot voting is very limited and does not allow for creativity. It can be manipulated by the proponent/facilitator. It has its place for very simple application, but unfortunately it is often used for applications for which it is very poorly suited. Not much can be expressed with the binary use of a dot.

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Thanks Ken.
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I have used dotmocracy many times to garner views on different options and have found that on occasion it just is not sensitive enough or does not allow the truly most favoured option to rise to the top (as indicated in your extremely useful example on meal options in the slide deck). I look forward to trialing the idea rating sheets very soon! Thank you.

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Let me know how it goes with you trials of the sheets. Cheers!
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