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Meeting Agenda Template

Below is an example generic agenda for a two hour deliberative forum that uses idea rating sheets to find group agreements. This could work for a group of any size e.g. 20 to 200.  The level of detail shown below is for the facilitator, and may not be required for participants to see. 

  1. Welcome and Opening Remarks (5 min)
  2. Presentation on [Topic of Forum] (20 min)
  3. Idea Rating Activity (75 min)
    1. Present Idea Rating Instructions and Questions to be Addressed (5 min)
    2. Silent Individual Jotting of Answers on Scrap Paper (3 min)
    3. Share Answers Around Table, Discuss, and Write Statements on Idea Rating Sheets (32 min)
    4. Record Feedback via Dotting and Commenting on Sheets - May Continue to Add New Ideas (30 min)
    5. Call Dotting to a Close, Collect Sheets, with those with Most Agreement on Top (5 min)
  4. Review Sample of Popular Results (i.e. read out loud and/or project on screen); Discuss Briefly (15 min)
  5. Next Steps & Closing Remarks (5 min)

If necessary, reviewing of results can be removed from the agenda.  In any case, the results should be published and sent to participants in full shortly after the event, e.g. as a PDF of all scanned in sheets.

The idea rating activity (discussion, writing and dotting) can be squeezed to a minimum of about 45 minutes, if the topic is simple.  More than 75 minutes could start to drag on and become tiresome.  

Multiple iterations of idea rating and review of results will lead to better and more useful outputs.

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